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Deal is just the beginning of service

Serve customers according to our original aspiration

Continue your dream of home furnishing

Kally Lifestyle Collection provides customer services as you wish!

Deal is just the beginning of service

Serve customers according to our original aspiration

Continue your dream of home furnishing

Kally Home provides customer services as you wish!

CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao | Brand Family Years: MILOM casa, Carving Minimalist into the Soul

CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao | Brand Family Years: MILOM casa, Carving Minimalist into the Soul

(Summary description)September 3-6, 2021, the China National Expo (Shanghai) will be
Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center will be held at that time,
MILOM casa will be exhibited at booth 4.1B21 in the design hall.

CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao | Brand Family Years: MILOM casa, Carving Minimalist into the Soul

(Summary description)September 3-6, 2021, the China National Expo (Shanghai) will be
Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center will be held at that time,
MILOM casa will be exhibited at booth 4.1B21 in the design hall.


CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao


CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




September 3-6, 2021, the China National Expo (Shanghai) will be held

Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center will be held at that time,

MILOM casa will be unveiled at booth 4.1B21 of the design hall.




The lives of contemporary people are often overcrowded, and their private time is filled with endless work

Occupied, private space is accumulated by fragmented information flow. This is an urgent need to reduce

In the age of law, MILOM casa believes in this. Established since 2015

Since then, MILOM casa has been committed to providing the public with the latest trendy integrated furniture

Accessories, interior design and modern art lifestyle.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




Minimalism is the first essence of engraving the MILOM casa gene. MILOM casa

Extract modern minimalism, take fashion trends as style elements, and use innovative designs and styles

Multiply the material, make the product full of life and distinctive personality and characteristics, becoming each

The unique labels and stories of the series. MILOM casa has always been committed to building the future

Minimalist, functional and artistic home style, combined with self and directness

And the simple aesthetic concept, a new definition of modern minimalist space, leading the new trend of minimalism.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao


CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




MILOM casa believes that starting from "people", focusing on the present and exploring the future,

It is bound to be able to find a future lifestyle that truly suits consumers for consumers.


MilOM casa has unique insights on the development and prospects of itself and the industry.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao


CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




①Editor of China National Expo (Shanghai):

What will happen to the brand in 2021, please describe the plan and outlook of the brand in 2021.





MILOM casa:MILOM casa is the first whole-house system furniture in China

Brand, integrating home storage system, movable furniture products and living and art appliances

Combined with supplies and interior design services, we are committed to providing one stop for all customers

-style furniture service solutions. MILOM casa newly defines modern minimalist space

Interior furniture, with self-developed and world-famous dual-line composition, launches high-end customized clothing

Service, space customization, individual product standard customization, and integration of new modern classics

Classic design elements and design styles perfectly integrate design and commerce.


In 2021, we defined a new inspirational theme “Explorer”, aiming at the future.

The image, self-life, and unrestricted state deconstruct the elements, extract their independence,

Adventure and other logo features, research and development series of new products, and at the same time convey us to the market

The fearless spirit of persisting in exploring the future development of the home furnishing industry. Full of challenges

On the road of corporate development, we put a lot of effort into product design, from the first view

Material materials for the aesthetic appearance and tactile experience, to the details of the internal hardware

Parts are dedicated to the team's efforts, presenting high-quality futuristic minimalist home style.


Moreover, we have fully opened up online and offline channels to empower product promotion.

Strengthen brand influence, and form alliances with like-minded partners at the same time,

Be active in the market with the new era of business logic thinking,

Expect to become an iconic brand in the home furnishing field.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




②China National Expo (Shanghai) Editor:

In your opinion, what is the development trend of the home furnishing industry? What are the pain points and opportunities?




MILOM casa: Last year’s epidemic had a profound impact on various industries.

The enthusiasm for consumption in markets including the home furnishing industry has been reduced, and the epidemic will be released in 2021

Slow down, the economy is gradually recovering, in the post-epidemic era where trials and opportunities coexist,

We believe that the development trend of the home furnishing industry should be sustainable and follow

High standards and self-requirements, and insist on innovative design to create high-quality and high-quality products

Quality products will not be easily eliminated and derail the trend of the times.


At present, it is plagiarized and counterfeited, the production cost is high, including the brand and production

The long process of products being trusted and accepted by customers is the pain point of development, home furnishing

The competition in the industry is becoming more and more fierce. How to gain a foothold in the fierce market environment?

While the market is testing, it also gives opportunities. At present, the market is facing the original creation

More and more attention is paid to the protection of product intellectual property rights, and the certification of design patents is extremely important.

The above gives the original design enterprise a strong confidence, taking design as the guidance, and transforming the enterprise

The unique cultural concept and high-quality precision manufacturing are integrated into the product, and then passed

Products convey brand confidence, gain recognition from consumer groups, and become chased by the market

A strong brand.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao




③Editor of China National Expo (Shanghai):

During this exhibition, what are the characteristics of your new products?



MILOM casa: The original design products of MILOM casa emphasize the minimalist style,

The core of high-standard refined craftsmanship is transformed into a true appearance in appearance.

During this exhibition, we mainly brought three major series of leading products:

POLESTAR series, FREEBODY series,

CO-FUSION fusion series, with “Explorer” as the annual theme inspiration,

Decompose three different personalities and product characteristics.





Rationality, future, coolness, neatness




The POLESTAR series is an interpretation of "exploring beyond the present",

Maintain the core of the theme's exploration spirit, how to calmly deal with the counterbalance of normalization,

Break through the appearance of the product, with a more futuristic performance, which is an extremely non-integral composition

Symmetry and metal texture explore a new perspective. Polar star series, with four-pointed polar star

The shape is inspired, the star-shaped edges and corners are disassembled infinitely, and the embedded hardware is invisible;

The product uses a 1cm high metal base to highlight the details and texture of the product, avoiding

The main body of the furniture is in direct contact with the ground, continuing the furniture protection mission and expanding the ceiling

The design makes the outline of each product a neat and light feeling. POLESTAR base

Because of the fuzzy definition of space cognition, the random combination of products realizes home inclusiveness

Space, presents a strong sense of contrast in the collocation of materials, mostly using metal texture

The tripod, combined with soft and textured leather and fabric, is modern and minimalist.

New exploration of future home furnishings.





CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao





FREEBODY free series

Easy, soft, stretch, and cover




The FREEBODY“freedom” series, which revolves around focusing on somatosensory, is developed through expansion

The superposition of foam and covering feeling, after injecting down in natural state and foaming and pressing,

It has the characteristics of light weight and fluffy, as if embedded in a group of soft and comfortable, it is the most

Something close to elastic demand. The shape outlines a perfect and full arc

Form, visually absorb bright saturated colors, FREEBODY, indulge casualness,

Born for oneself is a furniture experience that can be controlled freely, and it is also a lifestyle

The ideal presentation.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao





CO-FUSION Fusion Series

Stable, common, tough




CO-FUSION“fusion” series, from a rigorous logical structure and can withstand push

The rational line shaping of knocking is the product of overall consideration of the product line, as

The supplement itself, the product empowers the inclusiveness of the home space. Used in series modeling

The design of the combination of curve and straight line creates a sense of visual tension, which is unique and rigorous.

The details of the craftsmanship, the sense of value added by the material desires, the space is made of contrasting colors

With more abundant, indispensable escape spirit in dullness, CO-F series and

Various series can be flexibly combined to adapt to different space requirements, and the overall space structure

The presentation of Cheng extends more possibilities.



CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao





④Editor of China National Expo (Shanghai):

Please briefly describe your evaluation of the China National Expo (Shanghai).




MILOM casa: China National Expo (Shanghai) covers all themes of large home furnishings

The industry chain covers a wide range of home furnishing categories, gathering top home furnishing brand companies at home and abroad,

It is a high-profile event in the home furnishing industry, and it is also a gathering of elites and colleagues.

A business platform for business cooperation opportunities. The most cutting-edge industry development trends and trends

The trend is spurting in the China National Expo (Shanghai), and every exhibition is given to all participants

Exhibitors and visitors bring novel experiences and inspirations, especially those with big celebrities

Design forum, listen to industry experience, feel the new power of design, and communicate with peers

Interact and benefit a lot.




CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao


△The 46th China National Expo (Shanghai) in 2020


CIFF Shanghai Hongqiao



△The 46th China National Expo (Shanghai) in 2020




September 3-6, 2021

Welcome to the China National Expo (Shanghai) Design Hall 4.1B21 booth,

Experience the future minimalist lifestyle of MILOM casa.

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