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Kally’s Selection

Select top brands and explore omnidirectional home furnishings

Reshape the excellent living experience

Kally Lifestyle Collection, selected brands, as you wish


Selection System

Kally Home selects top brands at home and abroad and explores omnidirectional home furnishings!

More than 20 brands have formed a brand portfolio of five series: “healthy sleep, high-quality home furnishings, luxury bathroom, high-quality appliances and fabric art”, including healthy sleep resource integrator · DeRUCCI Bedding, International sleep brand ·DeRUCCI International, DeRUCCI fashionable furnishing brand·V6 Furnishings, Italian life aesthetics brand · CANLIA, American home furnishing brand · Markor A.R.T., Exquisite romantic home brand ·A.R.T. City, Artistic home furnishing brand ·A.R.T. West, Italian brand · TURRI, Century-old French bedding brand · TRECA, Swiss Sanitary ware brand · LAUFEN, Italian luxury design model · GESSI, Italian affordable luxury household brand · COZY FURNISHINGS, Nordic fashion home brand · A.R.T. Nest, British neo-classical furnishing brand · Jonathan & Richard, Oriental elegant home furnishing brand · NORMALTECK, modern minimalist home furnishing brand · Milom CASA, Fashionable Oriental home furnishing brand · Life Master, MINE Furnishings, Electrical appliance brand · LG, Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen, Changdi, etc.

Selection System

 Luxury Bathroom,As you want

Quality Appliances,As you want

Fabric Art,As you want


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